March 6th, 2012

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February 28, 2012 – Mass Customized Learning, Best Practices and Today’s Students (Principal’s Webinar)
Recordings: 4:00pm

January 24, 2012  – Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning – The Conversation Continues (Principal’s Webinar)
Recordings: 4:00pm Webcast

December 13, 2011 – Preparing for the Inevitable: A Conversation About Mass Customized Learning (Principal’s Webinar)
Recordings: 4:00 Webcast

October 27, 2011 – Building Ladders: SAMR & TPCK II
Recordings: 3:15pm Webcast7:15pm Webcast

October 20, 2011 – SAMR & TPCK: The Basics
Recordings: 3:15pm Webcast 7:15pm Webcast

May 24, 2011 – Do You Know It When You See It? Teachers Effectively Using Technology for Learning (Principal Webinar)
Recordings:  4:00 WebCast

April 26, 2011 – Do You Know It When You See It In Students? (Principal’s Leadership Webinar)
Recordings: 4:00pm WebCast

March 2, 2o11 – Web 2.0 Tools and Social Networking: Leveraging 21st Century Online Resources for Learning (Principal’s Webinar)
Recordings: 4:00pm WebCast

January 25, 2011 – Online Learning – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone (Principal’s Webinar)
Recordings: 4:00pm Webcast

December 15, 2010 – Preventing Cyberbullying in our Schools: What Educational Leaders Must Do (Principal’s Webinar)
Recordings: 4:00pm WebCast

October 26, 2010 – School Librarians and Principals, A Key Partnership for Digital Learning (Principal’s Leadership Webinar)
4:00pm WebCast

May 25, 2010 – Principal’s Webinar
Recording: 4:00pm WebCast

April 26, 2010 – Principal’s Webinar: The Principal’s Role in Identifying 21st Century Learning and Advocating for It
Recordings: 4:00 Webcast

March 30, 2010 – Principal’s Webinar: The Principal’s Role in Modeling, Pushing, and Supporting Visionary Change
Recordings: 4:00pm WebCast

February 23, 2010 – The Principal’s Role in Creating Management and Policies
Recordings: 4:00 pm WebCast

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