November 19th, 2010
The 60 Applications and the 7 Categories:

The MLTI laptops are all equipped with a carefully selected set of applications. These tools are designed to allow students and teachers to explore a broad range of possibilities and options in terms of what they can research and create. To make it easier to parse the list of applications, we have divided them into seven broad categories. These seven categories are: Internet Tools, Office Tools, Math & Science Tools, Info Organization, Media Tools, Educational Games, and Utilities.

For more information on the applications included with the laptop, please check out the What’s On Your Macbook podcasts at:

The 6 Lenses:

The webinars offered by MLTI are grouped according to six lenses that have been selected to be applicable across subject areas, while at the same time retaining enough specificity to provide educators with useful focus. The six lenses are: Research Process, Writing Process, Making Meaning, Digital Storytelling, UDL/Accessibility, and Digital Citizenship. Blog posts on the MLTI website are also categorized according to these lenses, so that they can be readily contextualized within the same framework.

Upcoming webinars, as well as archived sessions, can be found at:

The 2 Models:

The SAMR model provides teachers with guidance on how to plan out the incorporation of technology into their classrooms, and what types of outcomes they can expect for different levels of technology use. The TPCK model outlines what teachers need to know in order to execute these plans efficiently and successfully. Taken together, the two models help teachers by showing them both how to incorporate the best of their past practice into the new domain, and how to accomplish significant changes in their classroom.

For more information on the SAMR and TPCK models, please check out the As We May Teach podcasts at:

The MLTI Toolkit Poster:

Would you like to print out our poster in 8.5″X11″ size as a handy desk reference? If so, simply click on the icon below for a suitably sized image:

MLTI Poster - Desk Reference

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