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Mass Customized Learning, Best Practices and Today’s Students.

February 26th, 2012 Comments off

Welcome back from February Break. Here’s hoping it was full, but not too full!

Please join us Tuesday, February 28th, at 4:00 PM when Mike Muir from Auburn and Bill Zima from MSAD #75 will join me to chat about Mass Customized Learning, Best Practices and Today’s Students. The topic is related to Chapters 4 & 5 of McGarvey’s and Schwahn’s book Inevitable for those who are reading, or have read it. Mike and Bill will be sharing how their districts and schools are actively engaging students and faculty with exciting programs and practices. (iPads and Standards Based Education) Join us for what promises to be an hour filled with ideas and resources you can use back at your schools!

Please click on the Webcasts tab to register. We have upgraded to a new registration system, allowing you to register directly in Adobe Connect, making the whole webinar process smoother and easier! If you have any questions, please contact Juanita Dickson. Click on the time you wish to participate in and you will be directed to an online registration form.  Please type your email address carefully as all information will be sent to that address. After registering you will receive a confirmation email with a log in link – please use that link to log into the webinar prior to the start time.

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