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April 7 Webinar: Think, Play, Learn – Games, Models, and Simulations for Science

April 4th, 2011 Comments off

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Seymour Papert once said that learning should be “hard fun.” Teachers now have the opportunity to integrate games, models and simulations into their science curriculum, while implementing the 5 E’s (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate.) This webinar includes demos of GeniQuest and Molecular Workbench and review other important apps on the MLTI image. In addition, the PRISMS website from MMSA, and the interactive Science Literacy Strand Map from the National Digital Science Library will be shown as valuable platforms for finding relevant web resources aligned with standards. The renewed emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) challenges teachers from all grade levels to examine ways to foster learning and understanding of esential science concepts. Join us as we investigate new avenues to the development of important science skills and content using the integration of technology.

Please join us at 3:15pm or 7:15pm on April 7th!  To register for this webinar, select the Webcasts tab at the top of the page and select the time desired to be directed to online registration.

Plants vs. Zombies (January 13, 2011 Webinar)

January 11th, 2011 5 comments

There is a reason that engaging and well-built games sell millions of copies.  Students of any age can spend hundreds of hours in a single game like Plants vs. Zombies.  By taking a look at the specific reasons that make a game compelling and applying them to our curriculum we can help shape our units and lessons of any subject area into an activity that can compete with the millions of other distractions out there.

Come join us Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 3:15 or 7:15 pm as we look at the simple yet profound ways that zombies can make you a better teacher.  To register for this webinar, select the Webcasts tab at the top of the page and register for the time desired.

January 6th Webinar: Virtual Worlds for Learning

January 3rd, 2011 Comments off

MLTI in Virtual WorldsFrom World of Warcraft to Farmville virtual worlds are all around us. While being mainstream in the entertainment industry for years, interactive virtual worlds are starting to gain traction in the 21st-century classroom.

Many recent surveys suggest that nearly 99% of young people play video games. This indicates an entire generation with skill and ability navigating this relatively new interactive medium. Using virtual worlds, educators can tap this wealth of experience to provide a unique platform for interacting with information. Educators now have the ability to create custom learning environments that are not feasible (let alone possible) in the real world.

The unique qualities of virtual worlds can provide opportunities for rich, sensory, immersive experiences, authentic contexts and activities for experiential learning, simulation and role-play, modelling of complex scenarios, a platform for data visualization and opportunities for collaboration and co-creation that cannot be easily experienced using other platforms.

This webinar will introduce participants to virtual worlds, how they are currently being used in classrooms, and suggest next steps to teachers looking to integrate interactive virtual worlds into their curricula. We will also be talking with Mary O’Brien, third grade teacher at Manchester Elementary School, about her experiences in virtual worlds.

There will be two sessions as usual at 3:15 and 7:15 on Thursday, January 6th. For information and to register, please choose the WebCasts tab at the top of this page.