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Notes from the March 24 Webinar: Connecting Classrooms

March 24th, 2011 Comments off

Great big thanks to Nadene Mathes, who took us through the projects she has been working on with her First Grade students, connecting with students in Europe and collaborating on some excellent work. Her work really exemplifies the power of connecting with other classrooms and teachers: her students got to experience life in a culture separate (but similar!) to theirs; they exhibited excellent digital citizenship skills and picked up many good habits that will sustain through their school careers.

Please check out the sites where you can see the work of Nadene’s students:

To find classrooms and teachers that are looking to connect, try the following sites:

(MLTI’s Epals page:

Also try Google Earth Community – try looking under the ‘Education’ forum:

Great places to find teachers on Twitter (thanks to Richard Byrne for this information):

The Flat Classroom project is inspiring in so many ways, and gives a great view of how large collaboration projects can grow. The site has much to explore and learn from:

Some tools that were mentioned as a means to connect included iChat, Skype, and Voicethread. In addition, using wikis to collaborate and blogs to host information are great tools for students to get involved with. Check out wikispaces and edublogs for free wiki and blog hosting.

Other means of sharing work:

Thanks to all those who took part in the webinar. Please get in touch if you have any further comments or questions.