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Dec. 1 Webinar – Assessment 2: Using Assessment to Further Learning

November 28th, 2011 1 comment

Stiggins quoteThanks to everyone who attended the first MLTI assessment webinar on November 17. In that webinar, we discussed summative and formative assessment and how they differ. We took a close look at a definition of formative assessment from Black and Wiliam and then examined their framework for formative assessment. We then turned our attention to collecting evidence of learning. We looked at Anne Davies‘ model for the triangulation of evidence and talked about ways the software on our MLTI devices as well as some web tools can help us collect observations, conversations and products. The discussion was lively with participants adding their experiences and ideas for improving assessment practice. If you missed it, you can find links to the recordings on our Archives page.

In this week’s webinar we will continue our assessment conversation as we discuss how we can use the evidence we collect to help learners make more progress. We will explore ways to clarify learning goals and targets and to establish criteria for success, including a demonstration of some tools for creating conventional matrix-style rubrics and branching rubrics. We will end with a discussion of evaluative and descriptive feedback as we explore ways to use digital tools for giving and receiving feedback and how students can become resources for each other.

Please join us this Thursday, December 1 at 3:15 or 7:15. Click on the Webcast tab above for more information about registering and accessing this webinar.


Jan. 14 Writing Process Webinar Notes

January 18th, 2010 Comments off

Thanks to everyone who attended Thursday’s webinars and special thanks to Julie Canniff, Sara Needleman, and Lisa Hogan for their contributions to the conversation about giving and getting feedback. Below are some links and notes related to topics we discussed.

The Effect of Feedback on LearningOptimism exam

Evaluative vs. Descriptive Feedback

  • Product descriptors and rubrics (highlight for descriptive feedback)
  • For copies of documents that Julie and Sara shared, contact me and I will forward your request to them.
  • Anne Davies – Assessment for Learning

Establish Criteria

  • 6+1 Traits of Writing
  • Look at examplars
  • Have students contribute to building a rubric (Jill Spencer says, “Also, I’ve found that taking time to reflect with questions like…Why is it important to use criteria? Why is quality work important? These questions begin to help students see the purpose for their efforts.”
  • Rubistar

Teaching students to give feedback

  • Laurie Walsh’s document, How do you comment on a classmate’s writing? (Thanks, Laurie!)
  • Give kids sentence starters based on your criteria or model like 6+1 Traits
  • Create a culture where kids care about their work and agree on criteria that is not personal but that really describes high-quality work.

Ways to give feedback digitally

  • NoteShare – Voice Memo
  • Pages (and other word processing programs) – use callouts in different colors
  • Use markup and annotation tools in Preview for PDFs.
  • Some Studywiz activities are good for feedback.
  • Lisa Hogan suggests using callouts to have students self-assess. They use callouts to point to evidence that they have met the criteria for high-quality work.

Online programs that give students feedback

Recordings of the webinar will be available in a few days on the Webcasts Archive page of this blog. Please join me again on February 25 when we will talk about drafting, revising and editing.

Image by Terry Hart licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

January 14 Webinar – Giving and Getting Feedback

January 11th, 2010 Comments off

FeedbackIn our next Writing Process webinar, Giving and Getting Feedback, we will explore how teachers can give students feedback on their writing and how students can give each other feedback. Feedback is an essential part of the writing process and we’ll talk about how descriptive feedback helps students make revisions and redraft to improve their writing pieces. Our guests for this webinar will be Julie Canniff and Sara Needleman, two faculty members of the Teacher Education Department at USM. They will be a part of our conversation about establishing criteria and giving descriptive feedback based on that criteria.

Lisa Hogan, Tech Integrator at MSAD 75, will also be in the room to talk about her experiences with middle school students and the writing they did in science classes. We will look at some resources for getting feedback online and discuss the difference between evaluative feedback and descriptive feedback and how we can teach students to give each other feedback that really helps them in revising their writing. Finally, we will demonstrate how teachers and students can give each other feedback on their digital drafts, without having to print each one and mark it up. And of course, we hope you will let us know what techniques and strategies you are having success with in your classrooms.

Please join us Thursday, January 14 at 3:15 or 7:15 pm. You can find links for registration and information about how to access these sessions by clicking on the Webinar tab at the top of this page.

Illustration by Ann Marie Quirion Hutton

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