Bowdoin College

November 15th, 2011
  1. Pgautier
    November 15th, 2011 at 14:31 | #1

    t”Hey there. Your new profile picture is hot! Love the way you let your hair go loose.” Imagine reading this in Facebook and realizing it is coming from a student sitting in your class! Do you answer back, unfriend him, or ignore it? It is not a good idea for teachers to friend students in Facebook, at least in their personal accounts. ntThere are numerous legal liabilities involved with this and it can create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the classroom. There is a respect line in the student teacher relationship. Technology has made that line even narrower and allows students a degree of anonymity and courage they would not have in a face to face environment.Teachers and students need to learn the social etiquette involved with social media.ntIf the teacher wants to use Facebook as a social media tool in the classroom she should set up a class account that will allow all the students in that class to join. Then she can use the wall for posting assignments, or ask for comments or ideas from students on particular subjects or issues. Facebook can be a powerful tool if used correctly and with all the privacy settings activated properly. ntBefore you get yourself in trouble and find the SRO at your door or a parent on the phone, think twice before you accept a student on your personal Facebook account. Take advantage of the possibilities of doing a classroom page.

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