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March 2, 2011: Web 2.0 tools and social networking – Leveraging 21st Century Online Resources for Learning (Principal’s Webinar)

February 28th, 2011 5 comments
Join Chris Toy as he discusses Blogging, Wikis, Facebook, Youtube, and iChat and how principals can support teaching and learning with free social networking Tools.  MLTI principals, tech integrators, and students will share how they use these free online resources to help engage more students in authentic, meaningful learning.

Our guests will be Messalonskee Middle School Principal Mark Hatch and Yarmouth High School seniors Ben McNaboe, and Ben Nickerson. Come join us as we talk about ways these, and other schools are making use of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis, and iChat to enhance 21st century learning!

This webinar will be held March 2, 2011 at 4:00pm.  This webinar was originally scheduled for February 22, 2011 but was re-scheduled due to the school vacation week.

To register for this webinar, select the Webcasts tab at the top of the page and register for the time desired.

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Online Learning – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

January 26th, 2011 Comments off

Thanks to Brad Edwards, Michael Corey,  Mike Muir and Edward Little High School recent graduate Jonathan Robinson for joining me for this month’s MLTI Principal’s Webinar about online learning.

After a brief announcement about MLTI’s Rice Bowl Challenge by Steve Garton, Tech Integrator Brad Edwards kicked things off with a great overview of the whys and wherefores of online learning. He shared some excellent resources including links to a recent document from the Maine Heritage Policy Center’s report to the new governor on digital learning and technology as well as sites about online schools, resources, and tools. Brad advised principals whose schools did not yet have policies and plans for developing online learning to work with their leadership teams on this rapidly expanding aspect of learning in Maine.

IT Director Michael Corey shared the Acton School’s extensive collection of over 850 (and growing!) online resources. In addition to giving specific examples of how elementary and middle school teachers use Acton’s “Kid’s Corner” to enhance teaching and learning, Michael let everyone know that the whole collection is freely available to all educators and students. Here’s the link. He’s interested in connecting with other schools to share ideas for sharing and managing the growing number of online learning resources.

Project Director Mike Muir shared an exciting new statewide project known as Maine’s Virtual Project-Based Learning Program. Mike described the program as being aimed at students who are at-risk and dropouts. It is designed to be a program that provides students with the opportunity to earn a diploma from their community’s high school while working on standards-based projects at home but in the virtual school. Jonathan Robinson, a recent graduate from the program described why the project-based program worked for him. Mike wrapped up by inviting any schools interested in learning more about Maine’s Project-Based Virtual Learning Program to contact him at

There were some great questions and conversations throughout the hour. To get a recording of the webinar and transcripts of the conversation among the participants just go to and select Webcasts, then Archives.

Be sure to save 4:00 Tuesday, February 22, 2011 for the next MLTI Principal’s Webinar.  The topic will be Social Networking and Web 2.0 – Leveraging Online Resources For Student and Adult Learning.

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Principal’s Leadership Webinar: January 25, 2011: Online Learning, Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone?

January 24th, 2011 Comments off

Be sure to schedule the hour between 4-5 PM on January 25, 2011 to join in on the next MLTI Principals’ Webinar. The topic this month is “Online Learning, Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone?” and will be facilitated by Chris Toy.

We’ll hear from tech integrator Brad Edwards, IT Director Michael Corey, and Maine’s Virtual School Director Mike Muir about what’s out there for online learning and what principals can do to enhance teaching and learning with technology in their schools.

So if you’re a principal, grab your leadership team. If you’re not, then grab your principal and join us!

To register, please visit, choose the choose the WebCasts tab from the top navigation (select the time of the webinar you wish to participate in to be directed to online registration).

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MLTI Principals’ Webinar on Cyberbullying – What Eductional Leaders Must Do

December 18th, 2010 Comments off

While planning this month’s MLTI Principals Webinar with our outstanding team of expert guests, I had a feeling it would be an interesting and engaging session, and my intuition was correct! Each guest could easily have filled the allotted hour with excellent insights and useful information for the 60 or so registered participants.  With a flurry of draft PDFs, comments, questions, and revisions emailed back and forth, our team of six created a webinar jam packed with great advice and dozens of online resources for principals and their leadership teams to help effectively address cyberbullying in Maine’s schools and communities.

We began with Tom Harnett’s advice from the Maine Department of the Attorney General. His slides emphasized the importance of applying existing state laws and their requirements in all harassment and hazing situations, including cyberbullying.  Next, Teri Caouette, MLTI Integration Mentor (IM), emphasized the importance of clear and ongoing communication among school leaders, staff, students, and parents around digital citizenship, acceptable use, and related policies.  Veteran middle level education expert Ed Brazee and Connie Carter of Operation Breaking Steroetypes shared their insights and many online resources about the importance of integrating digital citizenship, cyberbullying, and the school’s curriculum.  Ted Hall and Alice Barr from Yarmouth High School shared two highly effective school programs.  An evening aimed at helping parents understand what it takes to parent in a digital world has been well received in their community.  A digital citizenship program for incoming 9th graders provides freshmen with a common basis for understanding their rights and responsibilities as digital citizens in and out of school.  Stan Davis from did a great job of extending participants’ thinking by sharing his work and research relating to the victims of bullying and implications for bystanders.  This student perspective is often neglected because of the focus on rules and consequences.  Stan ended with a thought provoking comment relating to our need to understand how issues of student privacy and legal liability may be impacted by digital technology.

To access the archived recording, transcript of the online chat, PDF of the Powerpoint, and shared links you can find them on the WebCast Archives Page of the Maine121 website.

Preventing Cyberbullying In Our Schools and Communities – What Educational Leaders Must Do!

December 13th, 2010 3 comments

This Wednesday, December 15th at 4 PM the second MLTI Principals’
Webinar will take place. The topic is Cyberbullying – What Principals
Must Do. We’ve gathered some great people and resources for this jam
packed one hour session. Thom Harnett of the Maine Attorney General’s Office, Stan Davis from Stop Bullying Now, Ted Hall and Alice Barr from Yarmouth High School, Ed Brazee and Connie Carter from Operation Breaking Stereotypes, and MLTI Integration Mentor Teri Caouette will share advice and specific suggestions as well as philosophical insights about how to combat cyberbullying in our schools. Sooo…bring your principals and/or assistant principals, and even if you can’t get them, feel free to join us for what promises to be a timely and useful session.

First Principal’s Webinar confirms – Librarians and Principals a Powerful Team for Integrating Learning and Technology!

November 2nd, 2010 Comments off

Maine Cybrarians - Strong Advocates for MLTI!

Just quick note to thank Teri Caouette, Pam Goucher, Eileen Broderick, and Nancy Grant for graciously serving as guests for our first MLTI Principals webinar of the 2010-2011 school year! We had a good turn out for the 4 PM session with 26 participants from all over the state and even from Arizona! While we had a great conversation about ways principals, school librarians, and technology leaders can collaborate to support best practices around integrating learning and technology the chat pod was perking along as participants shared their insights, ideas, resources, affirmations, questions, and advice! Here’s a small excerpt from the chat window as an example:

Peggy George: did any of you get to see this presentation by David Lankes called Focus on Connection management and not collection management-he made excellent points related to connecting with people and content and curriculum!

To read the rest of the chat window, hear the conversation, see the powerpoint slides, and access the list of online resources head on over to:

And just a reminder, We’ll be gathering more guests on the 4th Tuesday each month at 4:00 PM. We are in the process of planning out the MLTI principals’ webinar topics for the remainder of the year. If you have a topic or two that you think should be taken up just let me know! You can respond by commenting below, or email me at I hope principals make a point of gathering their leadership teams and/or staffs to join in on these conversations, Because as we know, when it comes to school improvement…It’s all about leadership!

First Principal’s Webinar Tuesday October 26th at 4:00PM!

October 21st, 2010 7 comments

Is your school library a quiet storage facility for books gathering dust or a vibrant hub of academic learning characterized by collaboration, research, and problem solving? Principals and Librarians are a powerful team for moving a school toward effective integration of learning and technology!

Library media specialists should be the hub for the wheel that connects 21st century information technology with all the content areas in Maine’s schools. Principals, as the educational leaders in schools, make key decisions that can support, enable, and sustain the core supporting role of the school library program.

Principals and librarians are invited to join in the conversation with our panel of librarians and principals including Teri Caouette from MLTI, Nancy Grant from Penquis Valley High School, Pam Goucher from Freeport Middle School, and Eileen Broderick tech integrator and library media specialist from Rumford Elementary School.

To sign up for the free webinar please select Webcasts at the top of this page.