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MLTI Leadership Sessions

November 26th, 2012


Greetings, Maine School Leaders!

As you know, school-based leaders in Maine (not unlike others throughout the country) are faced with the incredible opportunities and challenges associated with implementing significant educational reforms including standards-based curriculum, personalized learning, and integration of technology.  During our travels to schools around the State, the MLTI team has heard consistent messages from principals and other building leaders as they are faced with leading these change efforts.

Research is clear: the role of building leaders is critical in the success of any change effort.  Yet we often focus most of our attention on what teachers need to do differently without addressing what the building leaders need to do in order to effectively support change.

In the MLTI Leadership sessions, MLTI team members will facilitate opportunities for you to share strategies for leading and supporting change efforts focused on student learning.  The sessions are anchored in key points from research on how to effectively lead school change and address questions like these:

1.  What are the learning and technology trends that I need to know about in order to move my school forward?

2. How do I promote and support a “safety net” for technology in my school?

3. How do I promote and support technology integration that focuses on improved learning in classrooms?

4. How do I work effectively with “experts” (tech integrators, tech directors, etc.) to meet the educational goals in my school?

5. How do I measure success?

We have several sessions planned to focus on these questions and we have also created this blog as a way of continuing the dialogue, connections, and learning beyond the meetings.

Over the course of the next several months, we will explore how building leaders use collaborative tools (like this blog, wikis, and virtual interactive whiteboards) and social media to enhance communication with colleagues, staff, and parents about teaching and learning.

Sessions are offered as webinars, through video conferencing, and face to face meetings in Augusta and Orono. You will find the schedule of the Leadership Sessions at the MLTI website: http://maine.gov/mlti/index.shtml

Attendees should bring their MLTI Device and charger (ensure it’s updated with the 2012 Image)

We are excited to join you in the exciting leading and learning journey ahead!

Mary Callan

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