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Follow Up to the January 26 – Digital Art Creation with MLTI Tools webinars

January 29th, 2012

The webinar on January 26 was about making digital art with your MLTI device. We began by looking at art examples of the Initial. Together we critiqued the works by describing what we could see. The Initial can be traced throughout history sometimes changing yet always remaining familiar. The exercise of looking at a piece of art before creating art allows the artist to see how other artists create. It also builds attention to detail. Resources were introduced such as the full encyclopedia on each MLTI device the Creative Commons website (http://creativecommons.org/) and of course the MLTI Minutes, http://minute.maine121.org/ We then rolled up our sleeves and made art.

Making the digital art during a webinar was a challenge yet it was also fun. The risk involved when any teacher tries a new teaching method is always filled with trepidation but usually the rewards are worth the angst. The webinar yielded some beautiful results as can be seen here. http://maine121.org/art-works

We used Acorn to draw our own initial. It was a simple exercise of opening the program and experimenting with the tools on the Tool Palette and colors on the Color Palette. Acorn is an image editor which we used for drawing and painting in this exercise. Acorn is an application on every MLTI device. More about the application can be found here. http://flyingmeat.com/acorn/.

The recording for the January 26 – Digital Art Creation with MLTI Tools webinars can be found here. http://maine121.org/webcasts-2/archives/ If you create an Initial while following along with the recording and you would like to share your art please email it to ahutton@mlti.org and include permission for us to place it on our site with our CC_BY license. (Allows everyone permission to use.)

Also, a special thanks to everyone who participated.


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