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Dec. 1 Webinar – Assessment 2: Using Assessment to Further Learning

November 28th, 2011

Stiggins quoteThanks to everyone who attended the first MLTI assessment webinar on November 17. In that webinar, we discussed summative and formative assessment and how they differ. We took a close look at a definition of formative assessment from Black and Wiliam and then examined their framework for formative assessment. We then turned our attention to collecting evidence of learning. We looked at Anne Davies‘ model for the triangulation of evidence and talked about ways the software on our MLTI devices as well as some web tools can help us collect observations, conversations and products. The discussion was lively with participants adding their experiences and ideas for improving assessment practice. If you missed it, you can find links to the recordings on our Archives page.

In this week’s webinar we will continue our assessment conversation as we discuss how we can use the evidence we collect to help learners make more progress. We will explore ways to clarify learning goals and targets and to establish criteria for success, including a demonstration of some tools for creating conventional matrix-style rubrics and branching rubrics. We will end with a discussion of evaluative and descriptive feedback as we explore ways to use digital tools for giving and receiving feedback and how students can become resources for each other.

Please join us this Thursday, December 1 at 3:15 or 7:15. Click on the Webcast tab above for more information about registering and accessing this webinar.


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    December 1st, 2011 at 21:43 | #1

    The quote you provided (“Students can hit any target . . . .”) made me think; “How many times do I move the target and expect students to still hit it?” Thank you for sharing it. Some of my students are really great archers!

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