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November 10 Webinar: Digital Citizenship and You

November 4th, 2011

93% of our students are online.    Our students are living in a world of texting, video chats and social networks but many teachers have not become digital ciitzens.     Without an understanding of the digital world our students are living we can not be role models and help them to understand both the promises and pitfalls of their media lives.

Students are often tech savvy but they are not necessarily smart about their use of technology.    Let’s discuss our role in becoming part of the digital world and helping our students to think critically.   The Common Sense Media curriculum will be highlighted as well as ideas to bring it into your school or district.

This webinar will be offered twice, once at 3:15pm, and once at 7:15pm. Please visit the Webcasts Page for pre-registration and additional information about participating in our webinars.

Follow up to Digital Citizenship Webinar

Below are some resources from the Digital Citizenship Webinar:

Common Sense Media

Cyberbullying Toolkit from Common Sense

Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture

Berkman Center for Internet & Society Youth and Media Project -Intern videos

YouTube  “Youth and Media-The Vision – Berkman Center

Berkman Center Wiki
Social Media and Young Adults

Statistic trends for teens

Millenials-teen internet use

Teen trends-online activities

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