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May 19 Webinar: Teaching with Batman

May 18th, 2011

batmanGraphic novels are often regarded as contraband in many schools. Students keep them hidden in their laptop cases and read them only during study hall. Many say they aren’t real books and aren’t worthy of use in the classroom.

The literature on graphic novels and their use within the classroom is just beginning to surface. Many professional journals tie graphic novels to other literacy ideas such as multimodal texts, digital, visual, and critical literacy skills. The research also suggests that graphic novels can motivate students, especially those who have a hard time with traditional text.

In this week’s webinar we are going to explore graphic novels and sequential art as a tool for learning. We will examine what the literature says and get our hands dirty making a comic or two.

Please join us at 3:15pm or 7:15pm on May 19th!  To register for this webinar, select the Webcasts tab at the top of the http://maine121.orgpage and select the time desired to be directed to online registration.


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