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Notes from May 12 Cyberbullying Webinar

There were great discussions and resources from participants who joined us on May 12th for the Cyberbullying and Your School Webinar.  My thanks to Rebecca Randall for joining us and giving us good advice on cyberbullying and talking about the Common Sense Media programs for schools.  Common Sense has an elementary and middle school curriculum and will have a high school curriculum available in the Fall.  You can contact me at teri.caouette@mlti.org for more information.

Representative Don Pilon was not able to join us due to a vote on health care.   Don Pilon  is not the only legislator who is concerned enough about cyberbullying to sponsor a bill.  Please check out the National Conference of State Legislatures site which lists several states that have enacted legislation.

Added Resources from participants:

Book, Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco (also a speaker)

The book The Bully by Paul Langan as a school/community read on Cyberbullying

An article in The Healthland http://healthland.time.com/2011/02/08/do-popular-kids-bully-more/

Reference sources from our webinar:

Common Sense Media (sign on as an educator to get material for lessons)
Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use
Cyberbullying Research Center
Stop Cyberbullying
MPBN Maine Lawmakers Propose Measures to Combat Bullying  2/11/2011
Confronting Cyberbullying by Peter Levy THEJournal  5/2/2011

Articles from Marvel         Academic Research or Eric

Education Digest, Jan2011, Vol. 76 Issue 5, p4-9, 6 p.

High-Tech Cruelty
By: Hinduja, Sameer; Patchin, Justin W.. Educational Leadership, Feb2011, Vol. 68 Issue 5, p48-52, 5p

Assessing Middle School Students’ Knowledge of Conduct & Consequences
And Their Bhaviors regarding the Use of Social Networworking Sites
By: Kite, Stacey L.; Gable, Robert; Filippelli, Lawrence. Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, v83 n5 p158-163 2010. (EJ893199)

Cyberbullying and Other Student Technology Misuses in K-12 American Schools: The Legal Landmines
By: Conn, Kathleen. Widener Law Review, 2010, Vol. 16 Issue 1, p89-100, 12p

Cyberbullying at School: Good Practice and Legal Aspects
By: Marczak, Magdalena; Coyne, Iain. Australian Journal of Guidance & Counselling, Dec2010, Vol. 20 Issue 2, p182-193, 12p; DOI: 10.1375/ajgc.20.2.182

Drama is the term HS students often use for cyberbullying
Advice for schools:

Review and update existing policies
Implement an education program in your school.

Use creative ways to raise awareness, like public service messages
Have older students teaching younger students importance of using technology in ethical ways.

Peer mentors for students
Role playing to create empathy
Schools need to learn ways to de-escalate

Teacher Advice to Students:

Ignore the bully

Save evidence

Change your privacy settings

Tell trusted friends and adults

Stand up to the offender and if that is not possible, befriend the target and help him/her advocate.


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