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December 21 — Feed Forward Notes

December 22nd, 2010

This month’s Feed Forward session included a number of questions and answers from both Listener Mail as well as from participants. We discussed a variety of technical as well as policy matters including liquid spills and the Buffer Pool, why you can’t reuse parts from broken MLTI laptops, and a number of image related topics.

Next year’s image specifications will be locked down by the end of January, so please make sure to join us on our next episode of Feed Forward on January 18, 2011 for a final discussion of image requirements, wish lists, and configuration changes. Among those that we’ve settled upon (unless you can convince us otherwise on the next Feed Forward episode) include:

  1. iMovie 6 will be removed. iMovie 9 (bundled with iLife ’11) will be included.
  2. Quicktime Player 7 will be removed. Quicktime 10.x player will be included.
  3. Adobe Reader and Adobe Shockwave are now available in 64-bit versions (the current image includes the 32-bit versions), so they will operate as plugins for Safari and other browsers. Adobe Reader will be the default PDF plugin for Safari. [Currently, if you wish to view Shockwave content, use Firefox. If you wish to view a PDF file with Adobe Reader, download the file first, then open with Adobe Reader.]
  4. Adobe Digital Edition will be added to facilitate digital library book borrowing. If you haven’t looked, check to see if your local public library or school library is providing digital books!!

Finally, a reminder to all schools that installed the Web History Viewer application. A new update, #002, is available in the Studywiz TC group. This update is a recommended update for all users if WHV Update #001 was not installed. This update includes the same bug fixes released in #001 (#001 is no longer available since it is embedded in #002) as well as fix for times that are incorrectly displayed as a result of the Daylight Savings Time change in November.

To view a recording of the session, please visit: http://stateofmaine.na4.acrobat.com/p82895057/

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