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Feb 23 Webinar – The Principal's Role in Creating Management and Policies

February 24th, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, we hosted the first of a 5-part webinar series for principals and leadership. More details about the series itself can be found here. Host by Chris Toy, former Freeport Middle School Principal and DOE/MLTI Consultant, he was joined by two guests and over 30 participants. His guests, John Lunt, retired Technology Coordinator, Freeport Middle School and member of the Task Force that helped to form MLTI, and Jeff Mao, Learning Technology Policy Director, DOE, helped facilitate a lively discussion about the role of the principal in a 1:1 school.

Recording of the session:
Slides in PDF format

Notes from the text chat:


How do WE model using computer tools for innovation, creativity and problem solving in the work we do?

  • Use the tools you encourage your teachers to use
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Encourage teachers to share
  • “One example; in the past my observations were “secretive” until the summative evaluation. This year, no more guessing what’s on the teacher’s mind as all observations are on google docs for immediate review and response. Much better.”
  • Teachers need time to interact with the tools during a modeling session — “Content without activity = no learning” — Thiagi
  • Give teachers permission to play. Suggest teachers login to the student login account on their laptops to play so that they have no fear of data loss or misconfiguration accidents
  • Make “home visits” to help teachers learn to use the technology
  • Resist reacting to the multiple issues that have arisen with our implementation, things like resisting blocking everything, resisting permanently taking kids computers who break the rules, etc.
  • Admin maintains their own web page

Classroom Management Challenge:
Faculty are stuggling with management issues and that has been a big concern.

  • “Technology isn’t the tool to manage student behavior–it’s still the teacher’s job”
  • “Close and Focus – Teachers can ask students to simply close their laptops and direct their focus to the teacher.”
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