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Navigating the Real World

January 12th, 2010

Navigating the real world graphicWebinar: Tuesday, January 19th at 3:15pm and 7:15pm.

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Bridge the gap between school and the real world.

Use and help create these new publications: Navigating the Real World and its associated web site, www.NavigatingTheRealWorld.org.  They are being developed by the Maine-based nonprofit, What’s Really Important to Me, Inc. with help from Maine high school and college students.

It’s a challenging world out there.  Help your students learn from the experiences of people who are a few years ahead of them. Navigating the Real World is a printed annual publication that will be distributed in late April to all Maine high school students and many 8th graders as well.  At its companion web site, www.NavigatingTheRealWorld.org, you can view a substantial number of interviews.

Both the site and the printed annual feature the voices of Maine people – in many cases collected by Maine students – who have recent experiences that are valuable to current Maine high school students.  These include mistakes made and seen, surprises, what worked and what didn’t, what they wish they had been told, and what they would do differently.  Topics include getting a job, work and careers, college and training, serving in the military, money, credit cards and debt, challenges faced, and living on their own.  Also included are the perspectives of people who hire and work with new employees.  Wherever possible these voices are being gathered and edited by Maine students.

In this webinar you will learn how you and your students can use the site as a resource.  You will also learn how your students can do interviews and post them at www.NavigatingTheRealWorld.org for the benefit of others and as a resource for the printed annual.  We want their help to gather the stories from a broad range of Maine people.

You will also learn how your students can contribute writing and other content directly for inclusion in the printed edition of “Navigating the Real World” and otherwise help us launch this publication successfully. This offers the opportunity for students to learn from people about their real experiences post-schooling, and to help create the first edition of a real publication that can genuinely help their fellow students across the state.

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