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Making Meaning: Creating Reality

December 14th, 2009

Many folks might tell you that the difference between the Web and Web 2.0 is simple: You can interact with the Web; you create with Web 2.0. If you buy that, then this webinar is about Reality 2.0 – the reality you “create.” How can you create reality? By using modeling tools or programming. This webinar is a quick introduction to tools like Line Rider, programming languages like Squeak, Scratch and Alice, and the “Program a Bunny” activity in Maine Explorer. Before you tell yourself this is not your cup of tea, be assured that you, as a teacher, do not have to teach your students how to program. All that we are doing is showing you the power of expression that these tools can give your students. After inviting them to see what is possible, you may want to allow them to show evidence of learning content using one of these tools, along with other artifacts. Many teachers have seen students exhibit an incredible amount of engagement as they “play” with these tools, displaying higher level thinking  and problem solving skills. Who knows? You might find the same level of “hard fun” yourself!

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